Implement async.series


Run the functions in the tasks collection in series, each one running once the previous function has completed. If any functions in the series pass an error to its callback, no more functions are run, and callback is immediately called with the value of the erro


You have an asyncFunction which takes a callback and the result of the asyncFunction is passed to the callback, create a function asyncSeries which takes an array of asyncFunctions and a resultCallback. asyncSeries should sequentially execute the asyncActions, on completion of the last task, the resultCallback should be invoked with the results in an array.

asyncFuntion can be of type
function asyncFunction(callback) {
setTimeout(() => {
data is got after asyncAction is completed
asyncSeries is of type
function asyncSeries(tasks, resultCallback) {
resultCallback is of type
function resultCallback(completedResult) {
// completed Result

Thought process Pseudocode

  1. For the sake of simplicity we will create a method createAsyncAction which will create asyncActions
function createAsyncTask() {
const value = Math.floor(Math.random() * 10);
return function(callback) {
setTimeout(() => {
}, value * 1000);
  1. As we do care about the order of the results, we will use Array.reduce
  2. The callback passed as an iterator to each asyncAction, must keep track of the taskList array index, and on meeting the length of the array invoke the resultsCallback with the desired results array.
  3. Again for simplicity the error case is not handled, but can be handled by passing an error parameter in the resultsCallback
  4. As we have to execute the tasks sequentially, we will use Promise, and the starting value of of the reduce array will be Promise.resolve()


function asyncSeries(taskList, callback) {
var arr = [];
let tasksCompleted = 0;
taskList.reduce((accum, current) => {
return accum.then(someVal => {
return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
current((value) => {
if (tasksCompleted === taskList.length) {, arr)
} else {
}, Promise.resolve())
const taskList = [
asyncSeries(taskList, (result) => {
console.log("got the results", result)


Async Series, will keep the order of the taskList intact.